About Us

Corporate Profile

Checker Media & Services Pvt Ltd is an End-to-End IT Marketing & Services agency. Unlike other agencies, Checker Media offers special focus on Information Technology Industry and our strength is drawn from our deep knowledge, insight and wide understanding of the IT Market in India & SAARC countries. We understand the diverse and unique challenges which our customer face in this highly competitive era. Checker Media is driven by professionals who have a collective work experience of more than 30 years in the Indian IT Industry. We believe in creating Relationships and becoming Partners in your Progress.

Our Philosophy

“Re-arrange, Re-align , Re-focus”
It is all about juggling the pieces together and getting the right shape and structure. The pieces are already there, we just need to re-arrange each of the pieces in its right place.

Change doesn’t always mean that one need to re-invent the wheel. Just as we re-align car wheels for better performance, your most important components for sales –‘Marketing’ also needs re-alignment to boost performance. We at Checker Media believe that you already have the necessary components for success. We help you realign your Marketing components with your business goals. You will gradually see the positive and vast impact on your sales over a period of time.

Once we are done with re-arrangement and re-alignment, the next logical outcome is to put our energy together and re-focus our energy on the challenges again and see the positive changes which will come around.

Our Partners

We have a vast network of experienced Media, Sales and Marketing professionals who are backbone of our offerings and help us ensure that our clients are able to gain from the deep knowledge pool which we have created with a single client servicing window of Checker Media.

If you wish to connect with us and be a part of our network, mail us on info@checkermedia.com